L'OR Loses a Lifetime of Her Work

Water Main Breaks Her Heart

The Coast's wall's are currently adorned by paintings from the artist L'OR in what turns out to be a very fortuitous showing indeed.  

On June 20th of this year, a "huge wave" from an exploded Montreal water main flooded her basement art studio, and in a few cruel moments, destroyed much of her life's work.

Louise Rouleau, who paints as the artist, L'OR, had just a few minutes to react before her studio was filled with water.  "It's just so amazing how fast it happened," she said.  "In seconds, portfolios containing hundreds of works of art, were submerged in three and a half feet of dirty water." 

Only Covered By The Water

Unfortunately, her art wasn't covered by insurance, and so, almost a total loss.  "As an artist, insurance companies never want to insure you unless you are a Picasso, even if you are marketable, as I am." (Winner of 14 awards, she has exhibited widely in Canada and internationally.)  

Although she was crushed after the destruction of her studio, she is resilient, and will not allow this personal tragedy to deter her from her passion.  "I still have my two hands and my heart - everything I need.  I'll use this experience to dig ever deeper and make even more stunning works of art."

It is often said that every cloud has a silver lining, and in the art world it is often tragedy that brings an artist to the forefront of the public's attention; our hope for L'OR is that she will rise from this adversity to create even greater works of art.

Several Ways To Help

As a way to help L'OR reestablish herself, a GoFundMe account has been created.  Every little bit helps; for a gift of $300.00 you will receive your choice of one of three L'OR Artiste originals as a limited print on acrylic (Plexiglass), or you could always just buy one of the beautiful original pieces currently hanging on the walls of the Coast.  

To help L'OR get her mojo back, the Coast is pleased to extend her art exhibit, "From The Corners of My Mind", until the end of September.