New Paintings Water Carina

A little bit about the artist…

 I was born in France and raised in West Africa, Abidjan.

I came to the United States in 1987, with a sense of opportunity to discover my potential. It is through painting that this has begun to manifest.

Having experienced the powerful influence of both world French and African, it is here in this land that I am able to have clarity of their connection. Both cultures have united in me in a unique experience which fuels and challenge my creativity.
I am self taught and started painting in 2004, at home. By 2006 I was painting professionally, following the Art Festivals Circuit along the West Coast and loving the enrichment provided by each encounter.

I am moved by the desire to create texture and luminescence in my paintings and thrive to reach a visual expression of the energies at play in nature, feeling 'Blisstin' by the Prism.
I describe my style as Contemporary Expressionism.

Blessings to all