3rd Coast Cafe on WGN news...The Blue Mind Award 2016

How about something completely different from the divisiveness of politics?

We offer a short break now to remind ourselves what’s possible, that people CAN come together for a common cause.

This is a story about the importance of water in our lives, public swimming pools open to all, and the ripple effect a small Illinois town can have on the rest of the world.

WGN’s Steve Sanders picks up the story from there.

You can learn more about #BlueMind research by clicking this link:


Producer Pam Grimes, and photojournalists Steve Scheuer, Kevin Doellman, and Mike D'Angelo contributed to this report.

New Paintings Water Series...by Carina

A little bit about the artist…

 I was born in France and raised in West Africa, Abidjan.

I came to the United States in 1987, with a sense of opportunity to discover my potential. It is through painting that this has begun to manifest.

Having experienced the powerful influence of both world French and African, it is here in this land that I am able to have clarity of their connection. Both cultures have united in me in a unique experience which fuels and challenge my creativity.
I am self taught and started painting in 2004, at home. By 2006 I was painting professionally, following the Art Festivals Circuit along the West Coast and loving the enrichment provided by each encounter.

I am moved by the desire to create texture and luminescence in my paintings and thrive to reach a visual expression of the energies at play in nature, feeling 'Blisstin' by the Prism.
I describe my style as Contemporary Expressionism.

Blessings to all


The Coast Welcomes Back Artist Josh Moulton

Back with a new series, artist Josh Moulton decks the walls of 3rd Coast with a vibrant collection. Paintings include both local sights from around the Windy City to rural scenes found beyond the city limits. Moulton's work typically maintains themes of architectural cityscapes, people interacting in their environments, or natural still-lifes. All paintings displayed in the cafe are available for purchase, and his gallery can be found in Lincoln Park.

Our Winter Beer List is going International...

We have three new exciting additions to our Winter Beer List! The selection, which features a number of delicious American Craft brews, will now also include some European flavor as well! 

Here's what's new...

Menabrea 1846              4.8%         Product of Italy

Lager Beer produced with bottom fermentation, Premium Lager.
Brewed with water, malt, maize, hops. It is a well-balanced beer with a notable floral/fruity aroma thanks to the selected yeasts used in the brewing process.

Birra Lurisia                    5.2%         Product of Italy

Top fermented artisanal ale handcrafted with the purest Lurisia water, buckwheat from Monregalese Valley, Italian barley malt, yeast, hops, and spices. 

Tripel Karmeliet           8.4%           Product of Belgium

Blond, robust, smooth and fruity 3 grain ale, with final fermentation in the bottle. Brewed with wheat, oats, and barley. 

New Artist Katie Puenner

Katie M. Puenner


I aim to express form through organic fluidity and vibrant colors of my paintings.

My work explores both the drama and pleasures of life. I blend vivid colors and vibrancy to convey experiences that make up the fabrics of my life. The goal of my art is to express myself by creating a fantastical world from the ordinary life. 

Ocean Conservation Research Trip

Many of you have been asking about my research trip to ISLA DEL COCO- Cocos Island,Costa Rica. The data collected from tagging and tracking the sharks of Cocos Island, is aimed at ensuring protections from illegal fishing. We hope to create international cooperative swimways, for these and all marine creatures! I hope you enjoy my short video and find out how you can help save our Oceans!   Janet